6th Conference on Industrial Fluidization, South Africa

Utilization of Indigenous Resources

First Announcement

The utilization of indigenous resources, as an idea and a strategy, holds considerable currency these days. It conjures notions of self-sufficiency; it also challenges us to explore neglected resources at our doorstep, and, urgently, to find viable—possibly novel—ways for extracting value from these resources under constrained circumstances. Conventions are changing. New resources such as waste or minerals in low-grade settings slip into focus. The processing of existing resources such as energy from fossil fuels, the culprit fingered in global warming, is being constrained by ever tighter emission controls. Industry will simply have to work more efficiently with resources that are, and in a manner that is, technically challenging. Fluidized beds and the technologies they inhabit, by their flexibility, can meet these challenges. IFSA 2017 will highlight the challenges and measures available to overcome them.

Short Course and Conference

4-5 October 2017  Conference
3 October 2017  Short Course


Due to popular demand, we are returning to Glenburn Lodge, which is situated in the World Heritage Site of the Cradle of Humankind”. This 100 bedroom hotel, conference and spa venue is 30 minutes from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. More details can be found here.

The secretariat invites interested scientists, engineers, students, plant operators and suppliers. Although the conference emphasizes industrial applications of fluidization and related technologies, any contribution on the following topics is welcome:

  • Clean coal and renewable energy
  • Chemical and metallurgical applications
  • Modelling and computational fluid dynamics
  • Fluidization fundamentals
  • Auxiliary processes and novel applications

A call for papers will be sent out early in 2017

Milestone Dates

The provisional milestone dates are as follows:

31 March 2017 Submission of abstracts
2 May 2017 Acceptance of abstracts 
31 July 2017  Submission of manuscripts 
18 August 2017  Return of reviewers' comments 
1 September 2017  Submission of final papers 
26 September 2017  Submission of MS Powerpoint presentaton 




  • Mintek
  • Sasol
  • Eskom
  • KZN
  • Babcock
  • PTA
  • CSIR
  • A-Thermal
  • University of Johannesburg
  • NCPC
  • Wits